And in oblivion

And in oblivion,
in oblivion! Kill country
the other said, what

of the thing he aspired? Robed
in oblivion to die, in

the harmony of
the wooing kestrel, who is cold
from the making mankind!


Illuminated fascia

illuminated fascia
traffic signals
look north
for the lamplight
LED energy saving

By leaf and by leaf

By leaf and by leaf
I devour, but what dread hand
finds my tired body.

White summers

And mine, no, no, no!
A weakening eye but a
wonderland service

without a sound to pay, no,
the summers were too white for

carolings of honeysuckle,
and doubts gnawed their autumn eye
with a lost honeysuckle tale.

To see a bow-bend

to see a bow-bend
an air nook, but not level;
plodding pair, slowly.

Long roots

Snow, and what a twist,
On what wings! Three children who
Hear nought with long roots.

What is this immortal tale
In a tiger’s fire of rain?

Cold dark webs

Within his claws he
holds her loosened thighs, caressed
by her cold dark webs.